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In recent years, as a nation, we have become more aware of the problem of homelessness. We are spending more money and providing more shelter beds than ever to solve the problem. Yet, despite our best efforts, the number of homeless people and families continues to rise. We believe providing shelter is just the beginning of the answer. When help is focused only on those who are homeless right now, little can be done to prevent the homeless of tomorrow.

Phoenix Family offers programs to more than 5,100 residents living in 32 communities in 13 cities throughout Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Through our HIKE, Families First, and Senior Empowerment programs, we provide an integrated, broad range of services tailored to the individual person. Our programs enable people to stay in their homes and with their families while they make progress towards and attain self-sufficiency. Combined, our activities empower children, families and seniors to access the essential resources they need to improve their lives and break generational poverty.

Families First

Reading is key to a child graduating from high school.
Learn how HIKE is making a difference.

Families First

Overcoming challenges to accessing health care, reliable food supplies, stable housing and transportation makes all the difference.
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Families First

Improving each person's personal economic development, health, and community engagement makes the difference between early nursing home admittance and aging in place with choice..
See how we're helping older adults remain in their homes.