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Rolling Up Our Sleeves


The end of the year is often a time of reflection and joy for so many of us as we look forward to family gatherings and holiday celebrations. However, for so many of the families and seniors at Phoenix Family, it can be an incredibly stressful time. I recognize that holidays can be stressful for everyone, but it is exacerbated when you are worried about how you are going to feed your kids an extra meal every day when they are out of school for 10 days or how an already financially strapped household might find a few extra dollars for a gift or two. But this year, you eased that burden and offered those families and seniors something so much larger – hope.

As so many of you learned about the needs right here in your own backyard, you stepped up and committed to help. Although the situations may be different for everyone we see at Phoenix Family, one thing is the same, no one wants to be living in poverty or labeled as “poverty.”

Often, people ask me, “why do you do this work?” On any given day that answer can be different, but overall it is the same reason YOU want to be part of it… you are driven to help others who are less fortunate than yourself, you want to be part of the solution, and you believe that doing this creates stability.

We still have work to do

The end of the year offered so many of our families and seniors hope thanks to the generous support you provided to help make their holidays a little brighter. You did that…you made a genuine difference in the lives of 536 kids, adults and seniors.

With the start of a new year, many unknowns lie ahead for all of us. The uncertainty of what a new administration will mean for the services provided by Phoenix Family and the impact decisions may have on housing programs and opportunities for our must vulnerable are at the forefront of our minds.

No matter what challenges may lie ahead, our team at Phoenix Family will continue to do what we do best … show up and stand up for those who too often are overlooked or unheard.

We can’t do this without you, so let’s go roll up our sleeves … we’ve got work to do.

Kimber Myers Givner
Executive Director

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